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Should you wear sunscreen when driving?

As days get longer and the sunshine gets stronger, you might wonder if wearing sunscreen while driving is a good idea. Well, it definitely

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BMW Engine Light Service

A Few Tips on Fuel Economy

As you probably know, fuel is probably the most obvious cost associated with owning a vehicle. Whether you love to drive or must travel a lot for

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Benefits Of A Clean Car

A study made by Harvard Health Watch found that the average amount of time an average person will spend in their car a day is 101 minutes. You know

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Disinfecting Your Vehicle Interior May Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous effect on everyone in the Sacramento area. While testing and government action is

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How to wash your hands

How To Wash Your Hands Properly: Covid-19 | BMW Service Center Roseville

In these crazy times, one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe and healthy is by properly washing your hands. Surprisingly, many of us

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Driving Safely With Nature

5 tips to driving safely with Nature | Safe Driving on Forest Roads

We are blessed to live in an area of the world where there is a lot of wildlife. Here are 5 tips on how you can avoid colliding with wildlife and

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Origins Of Santa's Sleigh

The Origins Of Santa’s Sleigh | History Behind Santa’s sleigh

WHERE DOES SANTA CLAUS’ SLED COME FROM? Even today, the origin of Santa Claus remains rather vague. There are several versions, but none are

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Sending Students To College

Things To Know Before Sending Students To College With a Car

Sending your student off to school can be emotional and stressful, particularly when their college is far away from home. Sending them away with one

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Ways To Kill Your Car

6 Ways To Kill Your Car | Destroy A Car Quietly In 2023

If owning a car is a nightmare for you, it may be related on how well you take care of your vehicle. Here are six things can harm your car and your

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