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complete brake service

Driving a high-performance car like a Mercedes means you’ll want to keep its brakes maintained frequently, but with that comes unnecessary expenses. Your Mercedes car will definitely be in good hands when you choose us to service or repair it. We understand that every car model needs individual attention and expertise and we provide the same without fail.

Common Warning Signs of Brake Trouble

  • Squealing or grinding noises during braking

  • Poor braking problem (hard to stop the car)

  • Pulling to one side, or “grabbing”

  • Loss of brake pedal

  • Pulsation of the brake pedal during braking

  • Clicking noises during braking

  • Excessive drag during acceleration (“Anchor Away” Syndrome)

  • Lit ABS light for the antilock brakes

We’re transparent about our pricing and we try to provide all Mercedes owners with the peace of mind that they’re getting a fair and honest brake service price using premium parts that last. Whether the issue you’re experiencing requires changing your brake pads, your rotors, replacing your brake fluid, or a more in-depth repair, we are committed to providing a quick, efficient, accurate, and transparent experience using Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake parts

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