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Dobson's German Auto Service
Dobson's German Auto Service
  • Six Ways You May be Killing Your Car!

    Six Ways You May be Killing Your Car!

    If owning a car is a nightmare for you, it may be related on how well you take care of your vehicle. Here are six things can harm your car and your wallet. Ignoring the check engine light. If you ignore the check engine light, you should know that that could result in serious engine trouble,… Read More »

  • Multi-tasking is a myth!

    Multi-tasking is a myth!

    Distracted driving is dangerous but with the advancements in cell phone technology, it has become an important problem. Distracted driving is a misunderstood trend and it is growing. In fact, findings from a recent NSC public opinion poll reveal that 80% of drivers across America incorrectly believe that hands-free devices are safer than using a… Read More »

  • Driving sleepy is as dangerous as driving drunk

    Driving sleepy is as dangerous as driving drunk

    For years, campaigns against drunk driving have succeeded to educate motorists on impaired driving. Many organizations, including Red Nose, also tried have persuaded motorists not to drive after drinking too much. But in recent years, researchers have found that fatigue is almost as dangerous as alcohol! Indeed, it is a sneaky enemy that comes hinder… Read More »

  • Smart Car Hacks to Survive the Winter!

    Smart Car Hacks to Survive the Winter!

    A winter morning looks beautiful when you look out of your window and find everything covered white in snow. In a few moment, the charm vanishes as you realise it’s gonna be a lot of work to shovel the ice from parkway, scrape the ice from windshield & windows of your car and clean the… Read More »

  • Car wash without water: another way to maintain your car

    Car wash without water: another way to maintain your car

    There are now many ways to maintain your vehicles. You already know about the car wash roller with water jets but perhaps you do not know yet about the small revolution in the world of car wash: cleaning without water. Washing without water: another type of cleaning thought to be ecological Washing without water is… Read More »

  • It’s time for Spring Maintenance!

    It’s time for Spring Maintenance!

    If you went into the Sierras the last few months, your car may have taken a beating this winter. The crazy weather we have had ranging from polar vortex problems to incredible amount of rain and in the chaos of it all your car may have been a little neglected. But that’s okay! Whether spring… Read More »

  • Is the end of car mirrors near?

    Is the end of car mirrors near?

    Japan is now, the first country in the world that sells cars equipped with cameras instead of conventional mirrors. Japan’s new law paves the way for the adoption of cameras instead of mirror. According to BMW, cameras will be safer than mirrors. This is because mirrors never need to be adjusted, and as a result,… Read More »

  • Do you know about these car cleaning myths?

    Do you know about these car cleaning myths?

    Myth #1: Dishwashing detergent is safe to use to wash your car. Not true! It can remove everything from the surface, yes everything! That includes stripping the polymers off the paint surface… Dishsoap dries hands and on the surface of a car, the same thing occurs; it accelerates the oxidation process when used regularly. Myth… Read More »

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