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The year 2017 is rapidly approaching, and with it, new calendars. In its 2017 calendar, Mercedes-Benz Classic chose to stage some of the finest miniatures of its brand. The miniatures catalog featuring the Mercedes Benz star is particularly wide. The 2017 calendar of Mercedes-Benz Classic did not staged real cars, but instead 13 miniatures! At the scale of 1/18th, they are not really toys. There is also quite a varied selection: from 1904 to 1992, cars, race cars, trucks, buses… d326244-mercedes-benz-classic-2017-calendar-twelve-little-ge 13 models before the shoot were specially prepared to receive a “patina” giving the illusion of a vehicle having rolled: dust, exhaust gas … Then the models were photographed in a studio. Depending on circumstances, the environment of the photograph was recreated realistically in the studio, or the vehicle was embedded in the original photo of a scene. The result of this calendar is amazing! It is difficult to tell if it was a full size car or a miniature! Vehicles used in this calendar: • January : Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL W109 6.8 AMG 1971, Minichamps • February : Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman W100 1964, Sun Star • March : Firetruck Mercedes-Benz L6600 1950, Minichamps • April : Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster W198 1957, Mercedes-Benz Classic Store • May : Mercedes-Benz W196R Streamline 1955 sur camion Mercedes-Benz Renntransport, CMC • June : Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 16 Evolution W201 1989, Otto Models • July : Bus Mercedes-Benz O319 1956, Norev • August : Mercedes-Benz W125 1937, CMC • September : Mercedes-Benz Unimog U401 1953, Schuco • October : Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Coupe W111 1968, AutoART • November : Mercedes-Benz 300 CE-24 Cabriolet A124 1992, Mercedes-Benz Classic Store • December : Mercedes-Simplex 28/32 hp 1904, Schuco Read more: