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If you went into the Sierras the last few months, your car may have taken a beating this winter. The crazy weather we have had ranging from polar vortex problems to incredible amount of rain and in the chaos of it all your car may have been a little neglected. But that’s okay! Whether spring has already sprung for you or you’re still waiting for that warm weather to arrive, it’s a perfect time for spring car maintenance.
Here are 4 ways you can take care of your car this spring, from tidying your trunk to cleaning your vehicle.

1. Servicing Your Vehicle
Regardless of weather, you should be servicing your car at least twice a year. But with the change of seasons, it’s especially important to make sure your car is running optimally after all that cold and very wet weather! Make sure you check (or have us check) your oil, your brakes, and the levels of your transmission, brake, coolant, and power steering fluids. Don’t forget to also check the vehicle’s belts, since colder weather may weaken them.

2. Don’t Forget the Tires!
Of course, winter is especially hard on tires, and it is important to servicing them to ensure even tread wear and long life. We highly recommend to rotate, fill, and balance your tires this month. Also, don’t forget to make sure your spare is still in good shape.

3. Do Some Spring Cleaning
Doesn’t that happen to you? Over the few months of winter, miscellaneous stuff just seems to pile up in your car. Now that it’s spring, it’s time to clean the inside and out! So, open your doors, pull the carpets out and vacuum the inside nooks and crannies. Then, was your car, and wax it to protect it from the upcoming springtime sap and pollen.