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For years, campaigns against drunk driving have succeeded to educate motorists on impaired driving. Many organizations, including Red Nose, also tried have persuaded motorists not to drive after drinking too much. But in recent years, researchers have found that fatigue is almost as dangerous as alcohol!

Indeed, it is a sneaky enemy that comes hinder the capabilities of the driver which, ultimately, can have catastrophic consequences. Yet, when a driver gets sleepy, he thinks that it will pass and continues on his way. Often a driver finds himself driving on a section of the road without remembering the path traveled  seconds before.

If your eyelids grow heavy and your concentration level weakens, it is strongly recommended to stop your vehicle in a safe place, take a rest, walk a little, possibly even do some exercises and even, take a coffee, as part of a ten minutes break. This should be repeated every two hours when you undertake a long journey. On top of causing loss of attention, drowsiness makes reflexes less sharp. If ever an unexpected incident occurs, it might of been because you were not sharp enough to react promptly.

The sleep phenomenon is so widespread that many manufacturers are now developing systems to warn the driver when their behavior is erratic and probably caused by drowsiness. Some manufacturers even display the logo of a coffee cup on the dashboard to remind the driver to take a break!

It is therefore essential to rest when the first signs of drowsiness occur. Be safe!