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It can happen on ice, on a very wet or oil-slick road…You start skidding. You cannot control your car anymore…Here are a few tips to face this uncomfortable driving situation:

Above all do not panic! Look where you want your car to go and steer in this direction.
Above all, do not brake. In fact, you should take your foot off the brake altogether. Do not accelerate either.

Experts agree that during a skid the forward motion of the vehicle must be reduced in order to stop faster. If you are driving an automatic transmission, this can be done by shifting to neutral. If you cannot do that immediately, do not touch the transmission gear. If you are driving a manual transmission, declutch. Some experts promote leaving the vehicle in gear without applying the gas during the skid. This in order to be able to gently accelerate to avoid an obstacle.

Using winter tires and driving at a reduced speed are other important factors that influence a vehicle’s stopping distance.

If the emergency does not require slamming the brakes as hard as possible, squeeze braking (also known as threshold braking) along with declutching if you have a manual transmission should be effective.

If you do not have anti-lock brakes, you can use the heel-and-toe method. For this you must keep your heel on the floor and use your toes to press the brake pedal firmly just short of locking up the wheels. Release the pressure on the pedal, and press again in the same way.
You can repeat this until you come to a full stop. If you have anti-lock brakes, you can also use the heel-and-toe method, but do not remove your foot from the brake pedal until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.