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There are now many ways to maintain your vehicles. You already know about the car wash roller with water jets but perhaps you do not know yet about the small revolution in the world of car wash: cleaning without water.

Washing without water: another type of cleaning thought to be ecological

Washing without water is becoming the preferred option, especially due to its ecological side. Each vehicle washed without water represents at least 100 liters of water saved. Cleaning is carried out using an eco-friendly product and a soft cloth. In addition to saving a lot of water, car wash without water has other strong points:

  • It is biodegradable.
  • It is manufactured without solvent.
  • It avoids pollution associated with the discharge of wash water containing large quantities of pollutants such as lead, iron, aluminum, nickel or phosphates.
  • Washing without water also makes it possible to polish and protect the bodywork.

Waterless cleaning can be done by a professional, anywhere. Nowadays, many professionals offer to come to your home where they can perform the waterless washing of your car directly on the street.

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