Dobson's German Auto Service

Sending your student off to school can be emotional and stressful, particularly when their college is far away from home. Sending them away with one of the family vehicles can definitely be stressful. With a little planning and a well-maintained vehicle, the send-off will be more peaceful for you! 

  1. Get a sendoff vehicle inspection:
    College is a bustling time for understudies and all things considered, vehicle care at school will probably not be top of mind for your student. So you need to make sure to plan a complete vehicle investigation before packing up the vehicle so you can sit back and relax realizing your kid is driving a road-ready vehicle. Call us for an appointment.
  2. Create a crisis plan:
    Discuss with your student the eventuality of a roadside crisis. Make certain they know who to contact for roadside help and make sure they are knowledgeable of all the “crisis” gear you may have in the vehicle.
    We highly recommend stocking the vehicle with a survival pack: jumper cables, flares, a spotlight with batteries, blankets and additional garments, water and durable tidbits, an emergency treatment unit, a convenient USB charger. Also, if the students are going to a college where there is snow, make sure to add an ice scrubber, a snow brush and little shovel.
  3. Remain on schedule:
    Make sure to let your student know when the next vehicle services are scheduled and needed. This includes the date of the next oil change, brake inspections and any other services that they will need to take care of while being away.